Why Choose Us?

Working in our business isn’t for everyone. Compulsive “t” crossing and “i” dotting are a must. Being part detective doesn’t hurt either, for those long hours searching through courthouse records.

It’s worth it, though. It’s worth giving our clients the peace of mind that what they believe they are purchasing will truly be theirs — no mysteries or mishaps allowed.

YOU have the option to choose your settlement company. Why not “Buy Local” and choose an independently-owned and operated company that’s been providing smooth settlement transactions since 1982? Call or email us for more details.

The Settlement Experts

Susan Steele

As lead processor of commercial and national settlements for Land Transfer, Susan Steele knows how to get the job done. All of them.

Doesn’t it make sense that you should know the people you’re dealing with?

We think so.

Meet the rest of our team